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Verification Programs

Our Verification Program provides independent, third-party evaluation of your products to verify that your products meet required industry standards.

Approved products can display the official ASTM Verification Mark, showing buyers and end-users that your products adhere to the highest standards, and helping you stand out from your competitors. Annual testing will be completed to assess continued compliance.

Thermal Insulation

This voluntary program for reflective products is managed in conjunction with the Reflective Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I). All products are evaluated using current ASTM standards. Approved verified products may bear the ASTM/RIMA-I verification mark.

Products Include:

reflective insulation – radiant barrier - interior radiation control coating (IRCC) - facer materials – radiant barrier sheathing products

Homeland Security/Law Enforcement

This program covers essential protective equipment products used by those in law enforcement to mitigate the risk of injuries. These products consist of complex protective technologies that must be tested to verify that they meet the intended level of protection and can withstand the conditions of use and storage.

Products Include:

public order helmets – ballistic-resistant shields – ballistic-resistant helmets – metal detectors

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